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St. Tammany Parish School Board System

Faculty Advisor: Mrs. Mary Boudreaux, Technology Resource Teacher

The faculty adviser in charge of the spelling bee is Mrs. Boudreaux. The spelling bee promotes spelling through competition between the students at T.M.S. It enhances vocabulary and develops current English usage.


First, a spelling bee preliminary is held in each 5th & 6th grade classroom. Students compete in their spelling classes. The winners from each class compete against each other in the school wide spelling bee. Eight overall winners from the school go to Xavier University to compete against other children from the region.


New Orleans Chapter of links, Inc. provides the spelling list that the school uses. There is no fee to compete. Students, look for the list of words that we will be using in The Times Picayune to practice!


 Written by: Sophie G., Sophie L., Leah S., and Lauren W.


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