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From the Principal’s Desk…..

Dear Parents and Students:

Welcome to Tchefuncte Middle School. TMS is a place where children come to learn and play, where parents choose to send their children, and educators invest their career.

Home/School Connection-

It is important that my administration and the TMS teachers build a strong connection with our students’ parents/guardians. Please be sure to partner with us when it comes to the education of your child. A strong partnership begins with meaningful and respectful conversation. We are here to serve the needs of our students and community.

Student Progress Center: Points to Remember-

We hope that the Student Progress Center on our website is providing you with up to date information on your child’s school performance. The following points are provided to support your understanding of the grading information included in Student Progress Center.

1. Student grades are displayed according to the assignments entered into the system and may not represent all assignments completed.

2. Avoid comparisons among different students. Classrooms are comprised of a variety of learning levels.

3. Data on the website is updated in real time, so questions about missing assignments or other data should be directed to the teacher responsible.

If you have not had the opportunity to pick up your Home Access login information, feel free to stop by during school hours and pick it up at the front desk. Identification will be required.

“Friendly Reminders from Your Principal”.

This is a friendly reminder that we do not interrupt instructional time in the classroom to call students to pick-up lunches, homework, or musical instruments.  Calling the classroom interrupts instruction for all our students.  Thank you for your consideration.  

Please contact my office at 626-7118 if I can be of service.


Mitch Stubbs, Ph. D.