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Tchefuncte Middle School
Mission Statement:

T eaching,
M otivating,
S ucceeding,


The Faculty, Staff, and Administration of Tchefuncte Middle School Believe:

The faculty, staff, and administration believe:

  1. Each student has unique physical, social, emotional and intellectual needs.
  2. Every student learns through a variety of teaching styles.
  3. Self-esteem, the key to success, is fostered by valuing the individuality and diversity of every student.
  4. Students should use critical analysis and imagination to find unique solutions to problems.
  5. Student’s motivation, behavior, and achievement are directly related to a teacher’s enthusiasm and expectations.
  6. A safe and comfortable physical environment promotes learning.
  7. Educational technology enhances learning.
  8. Every individual in the educational program should give and receive respect.
  9. The active involvement of parents enhances the student’s sense of responsibility, appropriate behavior, and academic achievement.
  10. A school’s positive image is a reflection of the students, faculty, staff, administration, parents, and community.

Desired Learner Outcomes:

The desired learner outcomes for all students who exit Tchefuncte Middle School at the end of the sixth grade are:

  • Students will value learning as a tool for lifelong improvement.
  • Students will appreciate each other’s uniqueness and strive for equality and justice among all.
  • Students will become contributing members of society as evidenced by work and study habits, and appropriate behavior.
  • Students will know how to access information and how to utilize this information in formulating ideas and assumptions.
  • Students  will be able to develop and apply problem solving skills in order to expand and examine their knowledge base.
  • Students  will have participated in reading and writing programs that enhance effective communication.
  • Students will understand the importance of health, safety, and physical fitness.

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