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School Counseling at TMS

Consistent with the philosophy of education, a school counselor’s role concerns itself with children in the developmental process of maximizing individual potential. Elementary and middle school counselors, because of their specialized training, work within the educational framework and the child’s total environment to enable each child to arrive at an identity and to learn to make choices and decisions that lead to effective functioning as a worthwhile human being.

The role of the school counselor falls into four major areas:

1. Coordinating- with students, parents, school staff and community to provide a

developmental program for all students

2. Consulting- with students, parents, school staff and community resources in helping

students develop positive attitudes, feelings of self-worth, values,

and interpersonal communication skills. The aim is to help to develop well-adjusted students (personally, socially,

emotionally, and academically).

3. Counseling- with students, parents, and school staff providing them assistance in the

following areas:

a. Awareness of special abilities and talents

b. Resolution of difficulties impeding the learning process or general

development of the child

c. Discovery of special needs and possible solutions

d. Assistance in the development of a feeling of belonging within the school environment for each child

4. Professional Growth- conducting and assisting in evaluative studies and workshops

designed to improve the effectiveness of school guidance services

Counseling services support and complement the efforts of the classroom teachers. Guidance permeates every facet of the school. Teachers guide students in daily instruction as well as in their personal relationships with others. Administrators guide students regarding school policy, curriculum, discipline, and school programs. Our entire school program at TMS is guidance-oriented. We are all a vital part of the guidance system working together toward meeting the specific needs of each individual student.

The counseling program at TMS is aimed at providing direct assistance to students, parents, and school staff through a variety of services and activities. The goal of school counseling at TMS is of a preventive nature rather than remedial. Guidance and counseling in our school extends a hand to all children, not just the problem or troubled child. Each classroom is visited by a counselor bi-monthly for thirty minutes. Classroom counseling is a wonderful opportunity to help a healthy-functioning student capitalize on his or her strengths, as well as to help possibly remediate areas of concern and/or teach new skills to a student who is struggling.

Classroom guidance presentations focus on such topics as self-esteem, child abuse education, prevention, and reporting, friendship, peer pressure, decision making, problem solving, goal setting, career exploration, conflict resolution, bullying and teasing, handling anger and stress, time management, communication, and dealing with feelings.

Individual counseling sessions are also offered to students requiring more attention in an effort to remediate concerns and/or solve problems. Referrals for individuals are made by students, parents, and/or school staff. Individuals are awarded confidentiality unless the situation involves harm to self or others. In such instances, the proper authorities are alerted. Individuals are seen on an appointment basis during the school day, except in the case of an emergency which renders immediate attention. Please note that school counseling is not to replace individual or family counseling. School counselors may refer individuals to outside counseling agencies should an individual require counseling on a weekly basis.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact Mrs. Brocato at 626-7118. If you are unable to reach a counselor by telephone, please leave a message with the front office and someone will return your call. The school counselor will be available at Open House to answer any questions you may have or to address any concerns.

Karla Vicknair, TMS Counselor